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A Snippet from Episode 1

Listen to Barbara Hinske share her story about her inspiration for her Guiding Emily series and her motivation for the series’ success as she raises awareness and funds for the blind community.

Episode 1 of The Write Approach — Where Do Story Ideas Come From? — will be release on podcast platforms and YouTube on Tuesday, September 6. All future episodes will be released on Tuesdays as well.

A Snippet from The Write Approach, Episode 1: Where Do Story Ideas Come From?

Recording in Progress

We wanted to drop a brief note to let you know that we’ve recorded three episodes of The Write Approach and can’t wait to start sharing them with you when in the podcast launches on September 6. Here are the titles of the first two episodes just to let you know what you’re in for: Episode 1: Where Do Story Ideas Come From?, and Episode 2: Should You Write Under a Pen Name? Look for more in the coming weeks!

Here are the hosts, Barbara Hinske and J. W. Judge, recording Episode 2.

Screenshot of Barbara Hinske and J. W. Judge recording Episode 2 of The Write Approach

Brief Update — Expecting a September Launch

Barbara Hinske and J. W. Judge have been working hard behind the scenes for an exciting and practical launch to the podcast. You can expect a launch in early September. It’s looking like the first episode will be about where story ideas come from and what to do with them once they’ve adhered themselves to your brain. We can’t wait to share more as the launch date approaches.

We have already set up the YouTube channel for The Write Approach, so if that’s where you like to watch/listen to your podcasts, go ahead and subscribe so you get new episodes in your feed as they release.

Welcome to The Write Approach

The Write Approach is (or at least, it will be) a podcast for writers about the craft of writing. It is hosted by USA Today bestselling author Barbara Hinske and J. W. Judge. Hinske has written twenty romance and mystery novels, including The Christmas Club which became a Hallmark movie. Judge has authored a dark fantasy trilogy, The Zauberi Chronicles. You can find out more about Hinske and Judge on the About Us page.

The Write Approach will begin releasing episodes in January 2023.