About Us

Barbara HInske and J. W. Judge first met when he reached out to her about interviewing her on his prior podcast, Lawyerpreneur. They stayed in touch after that interview, bonding over their shared experiences as lawyers and their love of fiction-writing. Now, they are teaming up for a new podcast, The Write Approach, in which they will share the knowledge and expertise they’ve developed and answer questions that help writers develop their craft.

Barbara Hinske

Barbara Hinske of The Write Approach

Barbara Hinske is an attorney and novelist. She inherited the writing gene from her father, who wrote mysteries when he retired and told her a story every night of her childhood. She and her husband live in a stately home in Phoenix, Arizona, which they spend all of their spare cash and free time maintaining. When they’re not working away on their house, they’re spoiling their two dogs and four grown children. Decorating, entertaining, cooking, gardening, and Downton Abbey are Barb’s obsessions.


J. W. Judge

J. W. Judge of The Write Approach

J. W. Judge is a lawyer by day and a writer in the wee morning hours before the sun wakes all the other creatures. His writing is fueled by strange dreams and an overactive imagination. He has written a series of dark fantasy novels, The Zauberi Chronicles, in addition to three non-fiction books about the practice of law. When he’s not working or writing, Jeremy can be found with his wife and two small children in Birmingham, Alabama.